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Maplewood Retirement Community
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About The Building


“Thank you so much for all that you do for my dad. You take such wonderful care of him; we so greatly appreciate all your kindness and support.”
— Deb and Family

Building Green

Hand-in-hand with Riverstone’s commitment to building quality is our commitment to building green.

At Maplewood Retirement Community, we’ve incorporated an array of design features, construction methods and maintenance programs that will have a minimal impact on our environment. Together, these measures help save water and energy while providing a safer, healthier, more comfortable environment in which to live.

They include:

-Regional building materials used during construction
-High-efficiency central heating/cooling system
-Compact florescent lighting and LED lights
-Low-flush toilets-Recycling
-Energy Star appliances where possible
-Variable speed and heat-sensing kitchen exhaust hood
-Lights using motion sensors
-Water-based paints-Non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products
-Trees and plants native to the Ottawa area